Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Duct Tape Fabric

This is the best way I know to make Duct Tape Fabric, the key item for any and all forms of Duct Tape clothing, accessories & many other crafting items.

Step 1: Gather your materials
Duct tape
Ruler (if desired)

Step 2: Make a duct tape fabric sheet. This is the tedious part, but it really shouldn't take that very long to make it.

Start by laying a strip of duct tape, about 12-18 inches long, sticky side up.

Next, lay another strip of duct tape the same length next to the 1st, making sure to overlap the edges just a bit. I usually go horizontally at this point.

Repeat until the fabric is as long & wide as you like it, this can go on forever if you've got the money & time!

Now, you're going to begin to make it an actual fabric sheet! Lay one strip of duct tape vertically, over the other pieces. Make sure to go slowly! Duct tape loves to stick, but sticks best to itself - once stuck it can be impossible to separate.

Repeat with as many pieces as needed, slightly overlapping the edges just as you did on the 1st side, until the entire sheet of sticky is covered.

Next, fold over the edges to ensure total coverage and a smooth, flat line at the ends of your duct tape fabric.

Tada! You now have a duct tape sheet of fabric. It can be used to make (among many other things):

Pirate Hats (those instructions will be up later).

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