Sunday, October 17, 2010

Duct Tape Rose

For the first craft I'll demonstrate how to make a Duct Tape Rose.

Step 1: gather your supplies. I ONLY use Duck Brand Duct Tape, but some other brands do make interesting colors and patterns. Use what ever type you feel like using.


Duct tape in 2 (or more) colors
Stem item (florist wire, pipe cleaner, bamboo skewer, straw, etc)

Step 2:
Start out with several pieces of 2-3 inch strips of tape in the color(s) of your flower. You'll need some smaller & some larger.

Step 3:
With the sticky side up of your flower color, fold one corner towards the opposite edge, keeping a straight line. You should end up with a little bit of sticky on 1 side, and a lot more sticky on the bottom edge, as in the photo.

Step 4:
Fold over the little sticky edge, back towards the bottom, maintaining that sharp line. You should end up with a small triangle shape, with some sticky left on the bottom.

Step 5:
Repeat the folding with all the other pieces of duct tape.

Step 6:
Wrap 1 small triangle, remember you need the different sizes for a reason, around your stem item. I'm using a bamboo skewer but what ever you chose is fine.

You'll end up with a bit of a tight cork skewed triangle.

Step 7:
Begin wrapping the smaller triangles around your rose's center, slowly producing a flower shape. I place the points opposite each other if possible to produce an even looking flower, but do it however you like and are happy with.

Step 8:
Keep wrapping those triangles! Go from the smaller sizes on the inside to the larger on the outside, until you're happy with the size and shape of your rose. Your finished product will look something like these...

Step 9:
Now its time to wrap your stem. You want a piece of duct tape a little longer than your stem, so you can produce the rose's hips.

This is a finished rose.

You may stop here if you'd like, or add a few more touches as you see fit.

If you'd like a smaller bud, repeat steps 2-9, making a shorter stem piece than your original rose.

If you'd like to produce leaves, thorns, or rose hip petals you'll need to take a piece of tape, 2-3 inches long, folded in half and stuck to itself. You'll have NO sticky parts left.

You can cut this into a leaf shape, or thorns, or rose hip petals. I've opted to do the petals but no matter what the shape, it will always amount to the same instructions.

For the rose hip petals, you'll need triangles.

Take a strip of stem tape, tear it in half down the center so you end up with 2 long, thin strips. Lay the triangles on the stick side of the tape, slightly overlapping the bottoms of the triangles.

Wrap this thin, triangle filled strip, around the top of the rose hip area at the bottom of the rose.

Since I made the 2 roses, I'm going to take the 2nd thin strip from our rose hips and make a matching rose hip petal belt for the smaller flower and wind it around.

Now to tape the two stems together. You'll need another 3-4 inch long piece of stem tape, again split down the center. Using one piece at a time, wind the strip in and around the 2 stems, making 1 large stem with 2 roses coming off it.

VIOLA! You now have your finished, embellished duct tape rose! Now, go out & share your ducted taped goodness!

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