Friday, November 12, 2010

Duct Tape Flower

Okay, today I'll show you how to make a duct tape flower. Its pretty easy compared to the rose, mainly just cutting versus folding.

Start by gathering your

Duct tape in at least 2 colours (green & floral but I'm using 4 colors on the flower)
Stem material (I'm using a bamboo skewer but its up to you as to what you use)

Step 1:
Pick your petal colour(s). I'm starting with a bright orange. Cut, or rip off, a 10-12" long strip of the tape of your choice, then fold it back upon itself so the sticky sides connect. You want to see colour on both sides.

Step 2:
Accordion the piece together, so you end up with several layers, each folded one on top of the other.

Step 3:
Cut out a semi-oval from one of the folded sides, making sure not to cut all the petals apart.

In this example, you're going to cut the black portion out. It also shows what I mean by accordioning in the previous step.

You want to end up with 3-5 double petals so you may need to repeat steps 1-3 to ensure you have the right size.

(*OPTIONAL* If you're using more than one petal colour, repeat steps 1-3 with each colour you want to use, making sure to make each progressive petal set slightly smaller to ensure you'll be able to see all the colours of your flower.

Step 4:
Now you want to stack your petals together, largest on bottom to smallest on top (IF you used different colours/sizes). Make sure to center the petals as much as you can to end up with a better balanced flower. Push your stem, your choice which one, through the flower, leaving about 2" sticking above the petals if you want to make a contrasting stamen.

Step 5:
Take a small strip of your contrasting colour for your stamen, about 2" long. Tear, or cut, it in half down the center length wise. Take one of the slender pieces and wrap it around the top of your exposed stem so as to make a stamen. Press your stem/stamen down through the petals until only the stamen is sticking out above the flower.

Step 6:
Take a piece of your green, or other colour of your choice, for your stem, making it roughly the same length of your stem. Wrap your stem in this piece of tape, rolling it tightly as you go along.

Step 7: *OPTIONAL*
To add leaves to your flower, take a piece of your stem color tape, about 4-6" long, & fold the sticky sides together as you did in step 1. Cut a leaf shape out of your folded piece. You can also fold this strip in have, short ways, to end up with multiple leaves all the same size & shape.

Take a small, 2" long or so, piece of your stem/leave colour & tear it in half lengthwise so you have thin strips. Weave the thin strip around the stem & bottom of each leaf, so the leaf stays attached but blends in.

Tada! You're done. You've got a duct tape flower of your color(s)! Easy & fast is what White Trash is all about!

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