Sunday, November 21, 2010

How to repair, or extend your duct tape dummy

Per my previous instructions, I taught you how to make a duct tape dummy

You may not know it, but this thing is MUCH smaller in the chest than I am. It was wrapped a little too tightly, and I wasn't wearing the proper undergarments. So Houston, we have problem. My clothes wouldn't fit right if I used this dummy.

All is NOT lost! I'm going to show you how to repair the issue. Of course you can just make another dummy, but that'd be sorta dumb. :)

Instead, we'll just use MORE duct tape! That's what being White Trash is all about! Duct tape can fix anything given enough of it, and enough time and inventiveness to get it done!


Shopping bags

Sharp scissors

Sharpie markers


Step 1:

Make a ball off several bags, 1 inside the other. You want a breast shape so don't make a big ol' cantaloupe if you're more of a tear drop. You're going for as close to your own size & shape as possible.

Step 2:
Tape your ball onto your dress form using small, short pieces of tape on the edge. When its in the right position, begin taping down with longer pieces until you've got the correct size & shape.

No, I've never had a mastectomy. This is to show you before (left side) & after (right side).

As I've said previously, perfection is NOT possible. It does NOT exist. This form isn't perfect, even when repaired. However, its a heck of a lot better & much more usable. I'll be tweaking it a bit, here & there to get it more even but you can at least, I hope, see some improvement from the starting point.



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